Turkish Sign Language (TİD) Course

Ankara University TÖMER being one of Turkey’s and even the world’s leading language teaching centre has yet again lead the way and started the Turkish Sign Language Teaching as a Foreign Language Courses. Being a member of the European Centre for Modern Languages (ECML), Ankara University TÖMER has international respectability and the authorization to give European Language Portfolio appropriate certificates, and enables one to develop their TİD skills through the “Common European Frame of Reference for Languages (CEFR)” based courses and specially designed educational curriculum. The Ankara University accredited Certificates received at the end of the course have international validity and credibility. During the education at TÖMER the teachers whom are native signers and have Turkish Sign Language Teaching Certificates, will teach you to talk with your hands by improving your production and comprehension skills.

Why Turkish Sign Language as a Foreign Language?

Turkish Sign Language is the most important source of communication for the “Deaf Community.” Even a person that isn’t deaf can find themselves within the Deaf Community in his/her work, family and social life. It is a social necessity for the hearing people to learn Turkish Sign Language as a foreign language to understand the Deaf Community and to communicate with them. When looking at the profiles of individuals that are learning or seeking to learn Turkish Sign Language as a foreign language we may come across a wide range of people: Parents with deaf children, teachers with deaf students, managers with deaf employees, doctors with deaf patients etc.

Why Ankara University TÖMER Turkish Sign Language Course?

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

European Language Portfolio language levels

Teaching methods involving different sign language skills

Expert teachers whom are native TİD signers

Visual teaching materials

Specially designed classes (U-shaped seatings) 

Special uncrowded groups

Certificates with international validity and equivalence


Turkish Sign Language as a Foreign Language / Courses with General Aims 

The courses that are divided into two groups as week and weekend groups, are 36 hours per month (9 hours per week). The 14 level Turkish sign language course consists of 5 basic (A1-A2), 5 Intermediate (B1-B2) and 4 Advanced (C1-C2) levels which are prepared in accordance with the criteria of the European Language Portfolio. Certificates are given upon the completion of the basic and intermediate levels as for the completion of the advanced level a ‘TÖMER’ diploma approved by the President of Ankara University is given. The lessons are carried out in classes of 6-12 students with a “U” shaped table setting which is equipped with all kinds of visual materials.


End of Course Assessment Exams 

At the end of the courses with exams and certificate levels the students are expected to take an end of course exam which are language specific to sign languages aimed to assess the level of achievement. While a student whom fail one of the skills is able to take the make-up exam, those that fail many of the skills must retake the course. The course levels and the courses with exams are shown in the table below:


TÖMER Level CEFR Exam Certificate
Basic 1 A1 N/a N/a
Basic 2 A1 Present Basic Certificate (A1)
Basic 3 A2 N/a N/a
Basic 4 A2 N/a YN/a
Basic 5 A2 Present Basic Certificate (A2)


Students in the courses that have no exams pass the levels according to the performance evaluation criteria which the teacher effectuates during the course. The teacher carries out this evaluation according to the students participation in the lessons, whether they complete their homework or not, their success rate in the small exams, the students desire to learn and the speed of their learning. In situations that the teacher does not feel the student fit to continue onto the following course, the student is free to enter the exam at his/her will and may carry on to the next level if they pass the exam.


The CEFR(for Sign Languages) based Grading system Applied in the Exams 


Skills Highest Score Lowest Score
Production  22 13
Comprehension 20 12
Signed Interaction 22 13
Interaction Strategies 10 6
Processing Text 17 10
Pragmatic Competencies 6 4
Thematic Development 3 2
Total 100 60