The Director;

Ankara University Turkish and Foreign Languages Research and Application Center, commonly known under the name TOMER, is one of the most important values for our country. Founded in 1984 and today TOMER aiming to teach our mother tongue, has spreaded to countrywide with 9 branches and 1 entity and one entity established abroad, continue their education and research activities.

In our establishment we have taught our Turkish language as a second language to thousands of foreign students from 169 different countries so far. Our students who have learned Turkish at TOMER, have crucial positions at the state administration or at diplomatic positions in their own countries. We are very proud of our TOMER name is associated with our mother tongue in all around the world and we are looking at the future with higher expectations. TOMER will continue to fulfill its duty of teaching our mother language to more foreign students.

TOMER provides contribution to foreign language teaching field in our country. Currently, we are the only institution who teaches the most variety of foreign languages in Turkey. We are the only and first center who is accredited for the European Language Portfolio for adults in Turkey by the European Council in 2004. We have signed on various research projects for the European Union with the language education and research centers in Europe, universities and civil society organizations, we will continue to take action. Our experience in this field to create a base for scientific research, and TOMER employees are transferring their experience to this project.

TOMER firstly, prioritized teaching Turkish as a language for its short and long term projects to broader students. Therefore, there will be more new branches in nationwide and will also promote the teaching of Turkish as a foreign language through our representatives abroad with its expert staff. Besides, TOMER will continue to teach 16 different foreign languages and continue to do researches and will increase the quality of foreign language teaching.

Our goal is to serve the best to our country, our language and our culture.

Best Regards,

Prof. Dr. M. Ertan GÖKMEN