Language teaching at TÖMER is carried out in 7-16 people classrooms under the expertise of experienced instructors. It is based on the equally-weighted development of four basic language skills.( Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing). Educational activities are enriched by materials such as software, projection equipment, DVD players.

All the instructors at TÖMER graduated from the university departments of linguistics, philology and language education.

TÖMER is a research and application center which carries out scientific studies and provides language courses to those who wish to study language under scientific assurance and academic infrastructure of Ankara University.

At TÖMER, Turkish for foreigners, foreign language teaching for everyone and language courses are offered to children as well.

Students who have completed the Basic and Intermediate levels are qualified to obtain a certificate signed by TÖMER directorate, and to those who successfully completes the upper-intermediate/advanced courses are qualified to obtain Diploma signed by Ankara University Rector. Also, the TÖMER certificates and diplomas are counted as a sheer reference in many private or public institutions in terms of measuring the language levels.