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European Language Portfolio

European Language Portfolio is a document in which your unofficial intercultural experiences, the language experiences that you have had during at school and vocational training are recorded and reported.

This document will provide you a detailed record that reflects your skills in learning a language and experiences within the European criteria.

European Language Portfolio consists of three parts: Language Passport, Language Biography and a Dossier. There is an explanation about how to use them in each section.

Language passport included the general information of your proficiency in different languages in specific periods. By recording the formal qualifications and self-assessment records, it defines the sufficiency of language and intercultural learning experiences. The Standard Passport recommended by European Council eases the equivalence and free mobility processes in entire Europe.

Language Biography allow you to add up information about what that person can do in every language, vocational training and workplace. It also provides a person to add information about the linguistic and cultural experiences within or outside the formal education system. It eases the process of planning the education by evaluating the learning process and development of that person. Also it promotes multilingualism by means of being sufficient in many languages.

The Dossier enables you to record the materials in order to explain and document his/her strengths and experiences recorded in the Language Biography and Language Passport sections.


Council of Europe, permanent headquarters in Strasbourg, France, is an international/ intergovernmental organization. Its main aim is to develop the unity of the continent; ensuring the reputation of European citizens by ensuring the respect of fundamental values such as; democracy, human rights and rule of law. One of the purposes is to develop the mutual understanding between the people from different cultures by increasing the awareness of European cultural identity

In this context, European Council coordinates the definition of European Language Portfolio in order to support and bring balance to the intercultural experiences and all levels of language learning process.

European Council;

  • follows the process of learning
  • offers the European Language Portfolio to learners as an auxiliary tool to record the topics of learning proceess and experiences which also contains the important intercultural contacts.


  • strenghtening the development of language learning and experiences
  • to encourage to learn many languages
  • to provide transivity between education and business
  • to develop the democratic citizenship in Europe
  • show the value of linguistic diversity.


Consists of three parts.


This document is a record of the person’s language skills, language sufficiencies and intercultural experiences..

Language skills are defined by the sufficiency levels of the Common European Framework document. Scale( self-assessment scale) is offered in the Language Passport. This scale is also a part of the language passport, as well as self-assessment schedule.

  • Profile of language skills
  • Summary of language learning and intercultural experiences
  • Records of Certificates and Diplomas.



This section is a record of language learning process, it helps the person to record the proficiency and process in self-assessment scheme and determine the language learning aims.


It is the section which shows and documents the experiences and stages. This section contains several examples of personal work. The certificates and diplomas of the owner of this file is also at this section.

  • In order to make it easy to use, this portfolio is offered in 4 different languages. (Turkish, English, French, and German)