1. A placement exam must be taken before registration. The exam may be taken between 09:00 and 16:00. every day. Registration office is open from 08:30 to 20:00 every day and from 08:30 to 17:30 at weekends
  2. A fee is charged for Placement Exam (except for Turkish courses) and is included in the total course fee. Refund of placement exam will not be provided for those who do not register the course.
  3. The placement exam is valid for 4 months. The lecturer, if necessary, may change the course level of the student with the approval of the head of the course unit within the first week regardless of the placement exam.
  4. Course fees are paid in Turkish Liras. The payments will be returned if a class is available because of an issue caused by TÖMER.
  5. In order to take advantage from TÖMER discounts, necessary ID documents must be submitted during the registration and the relevant records must be signed even though there is a photocopy of the ID document in the attachments.
  6. Freezing the registration, by showing valid excuse and changing a class, if possible within the institutions facilities, is done within the first week. The applications for freezing on a later date will not be accepted and a refund will not be given for the courses that is not attended by the student.
  7. A frozen registration is valid up to 1 year. If there is a payment rise within this period, the students will pay the gap. If TÖMER freezes the course, the payment gap is not charged. More than 4 months freezing, a new placement test is taken for a new registration.
  8. The courses at TÖMER, besides the official and religious holidays, continues between 09:00 and 21:00 for 12 months a year, 7 days of the week. A make-up class is arranged for a cancelled class due to reasons caused by TÖMER.
  9. A student who made his/her payment, can transfer his/her rights, to someone else for the same or different language class, and the person whom that right is given takes a placement exam free of charge.
  10. In order for a class to start, a minimum number of students determined by the TÖMER Management Board is a must.
  11. For group applications, special courses may start within specific days and hours. It is the branch director’s responsibility to decide what to do with the classes, the class hours, changing the class and the instructors. In a non-exam course level, the instructor assesses the student in terms of language skills, makes a performance evaluation and decides whether the student should pass or fail and repeat the same course. In other course levels or diploma-course levels, an exam which tests 5 skills is taken during the last 4 hours of the course. A student who succeeds in all skill tests passes to an upper level. A student who fails one skill retakes the single skill exam, which is not possible in the diploma exam. The student who fails at the end of the term must make the payment and re- take the same level in order pass to an upper level. In order to pass all skills the minimum grades must be reached. The scoring is stated below;
Skills Maximum Point Minimum Point
Listening 25 15
Reading 25 15
Mutual Conversation 15 9
Oral Expression 10 6
Written Expression 25 15
  1. Students who finish basic and intermediate courses takes a certificate signed by the Director of TÖMER and the students who finish the upper-Intermediate/advanced level are certified a diploma signed by Ankara University Rector.
  2. There is a 7/8 attendance requirement for courses. A student with poor attendance without a valid excuse cannot take the exam and will automatically be counted as “failed” for that level. A refund is not given for the days and hours.
  3. A student who registered for the courses at TÖMER deemed to have accepted all the applications and conditions written above.



  1. A) TÖMER can administer Turkish and Foreign Language exams in different skills and levels. The exams taken at TÖMER, exam types and the documents that are given to the exam takers are stated below:
PLACEMENT EXAM An exam consists of 100 or 120 questions that determines the level of language of the student. A report Specifying the Level
LEVEL-PASS EXAM An exam that tests the 4 skills to proceed to an upper level. Course-Attendance Report
CERTIFICATE EXAM An exam taken at the end of basic and intermediate courses that tests the 4 basic skills Certificate
DIPLOMA EXAM An exam taken at the end of the upper intermediate/advanced levels that tests the 4 basic skills. DIPLOMA
CERTIFICATE AND DIPLOMA EXAM WITHOUT ATTENDING THE COURSE A test for those who is not a student or do not attend the classes at TÖMER but wish to certify his/her language skills. Certificate and Diploma
DISTANT TURKISH EXAM Internet-based exam that tests the Turkish language skills. UTS-Diploma